February 18, 2019

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Elder Nate Johnson

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Tarboro, NC 27886

Re: Bible study assignment



Dear Pastor Sherron,

Here’s my assignment for the bible study questions I learned about on Sunday February 17, 2019 in our Sunday church service.  Question: does prayer change God mind and does prayer changes things.  Well, the question posed to us has a twofold answer depending on your position and/or circumstances at the present time.  The bible supports both points of views as I would try to give an example or two on some of them.  I’m sure others will respond as we all collectively cover them all or most of them.

My answer is YES and NO does’ prayer changes God mind!  For our first example in keeping with some of what Pastor Chris touched on in Sunday service on this past Sunday.  David experienced God “not answering” his PRAYERS after he committed sin before the people, the nation, and before God!  (2 Samuel 12:1-18) here we find David being dealt with by God through the Prophet Nathan concerning his particular sin with Bathsheba.  His punishment was multiple; the sword never departing from his house, evil raised against him in his own house, and his wives given to his neighbors.  Although, God covered David and spared him from death the child wasn’t spared from death, and shall surely die!


David petitioned the Lord hard through fasting and PRAYER yet, God MIND wasn’t CHANGED concerning David’s situation SURELY the child died! 


Now, let us turn our attention to where PRAYER has CHANGED the MIND of God or where God has CHANGED His MIND concerning someone situation where death too was knocking on their doorsteps!  (2 Kings 20:1-11) in the first verse we find Hezekiah sick unto death and the Prophet Isaiah announcing to him that he shall die so it was best for him to set his house in order.  In other words, make all the necessary arrangements you need to make so after you die, your house will be in order and set up so your household can move forward cohesively in your absence!                                                                         

Immediately, just as David did in his situation concerning death; Hezekiah sought out the Lord concerning the death that was pronounced on his life through PRAYER!  Hezekiah didn’t fast as David did although; he probably was weak from his sickness and not eating much himself.  He wept sorely before God which probably was an indication of the dread that dying often brings into the lives of those struggling with it.  Yet, he pleaded to God while asking Him to remember those days that he walked upright before Him in truth, and served Him whole heartily, and done that which was good in His sight! 

Well, those words by way of PRAYER must have touched God deeply because before Isaiah could make it halfway or to the middle of the court God CHANGED His MIND concerning Hezekiah situation and granted him an additional 15 years of life after, first, pronouncing death over Hezekiah life!  The Lord said; I’ve heard your PRAYERS and seen thy TEARS therefore; not only will I heal you; but in three days you shall go up into the Lord’s House. 

So in this case unlike in David case Hezekiah petitioned and sought the Lord and his PRAYER was heard in a favorable way and God MIND was CHANGED and Hezekiah lived an additional 15 years by the mercies of God!


Now, there was another situation where PRAYERS were sent up fervently in agony with sweat so great that they resembled drops of blood the bible says!  This person didn’t ask God to remember the good He had done but, He did PRAY the same PRAYER three times, before finally saying; nevertheless, thy will be done and His name was Jesus!  Where would mankind be today had God honored Jesus PRAYERS as He honored Hezekiah PRAYERS and aborted Jesus life and mission at that time?  We ought to thank God for the precious words spoken in obedience in spite of Jesus fears…nevertheless thy will be done!

Finally, I believe the bible supports both claims as the question was asked or given to the congregation to research for bible study.  Like Pastor Chris, I too have some unanswered PRAYERS in my life just as I have some answered PRAYERS in my life.  I believe that PRAYERS keeps us close to God and other than His word (that we read) it’s an another form of communication for us to have with God yet, trust in God, far more supersede PRAYER because God WILL in our lives ultimately is the all in all as Jesus said: nevertheless, thy will be done!  Back to PRAYER; we PRAY according to (St. Matthew 6:10) Thy Kingdom come.  Thy WILL be done in earth, as it is in heaven.    

  Elder Nate Johnson…